about you Perfectionism is an illusion and blocks progress. By just taking action you will achieve more.

Perfect is the enemy of good

You have been busy writing an article for weeks now. Every time you change a sentence to make it even better. Then you read another article, checking if you can use it for your text. You are questioning yourself if your text will be good enough to send to your…

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about you

How to avoid stress before the holidays

  It happens twice a year. Stress! Panic, hassle. What happened? Something serious? No: the holidays have begun. Christmas holidays or summer holidays. Somehow we always have the expectation that everything should be finished. And most of the time that is not possible. What to do do to start the…

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Should I start a blog?

Shall I start a blog or not is the question Quite a few scientists have been blogging at the moment and more and more PhD students have started a blog. Sometimes as a video blog to explain specific things, or in a different format like the English Open University. Another…

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