writing The misunderstandings about writing

Don’t believe it!

Do you find writing difficult? Then you are not alone. That’s why I’m going to help you work through the most common misbeliefs about writing, which will allow you to write better with ease. One of the obstacles facing PhD students is writing. The writing process requires concentration and focus,…

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about you

How to empty your head

Your head seems so full. And it never stops; all these thoughts are constantly swirling around in your head. Every question repeats itself. Parts of conversations don’t leave your mind. Literature you can’t release out of your head. Do you recognise it? Many PhD students suffer from it: a ‘scrambled…

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The importance of (free) handwriting

Sometimes other people write down things very clear. That is the case in this article. It is about the benefit of handwriting versus typing. It states that handwriting helps you f.i. to generate more ideas, it helps you to think clearer. And that is exactly what you need when you…

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