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Deep work, is it beneficial?

Riding a rollercoaster or going bungee jumping to get rid of kidney stones. In the zoo chimpanzees can imitate humans better and more often than vice versa. Saliva works well as a cleaning solution. Living as a cannibal, you would not consume enough calories. The more road rage you have…

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writing The misunderstandings about writing

Don’t believe it!

Do you find writing difficult? Then you are not alone. That’s why I’m going to help you work through the most common misbeliefs about writing, which will allow you to write better with ease. One of the obstacles facing PhD students is writing. The writing process requires concentration and focus,…

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supervisor What do supervisors pay attention to in your text?

What does your supervisor need?

  Writing can become easier if you use a different approach. Once you know what your readers – in this case, your supervisors – pay attention to, you know where to focus on in your text. Logical and effective don’t you think? How do supervisors perceive your text? Your supervisor…

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