about youWalking doesn't cost money and you can do it everywhere and it is so beneficial.

What can you always do, without preparation, without needing special materials, that costs as much time as you spend on it and that provides you and your PhD with so many benefits?

Exactly: walking!

It is the best present you can give yourself. A daily walk. I already wrote about it in 2015.

At that time perhaps it was a bit weird to promote a daily walk, now during this corona pandemic, so many articles have been written about walking and its many benefits.

The power of walking

Walking is beneficial for your thinking and learning, improves your mood, boost creativity and your sense of perspective. You can do it together – even at a distance – which promotes connection, it also increases a sense of gratitude and increases your productivity. Deborah Grayson Riegel explains it all.

Phillippa Fogarty also explains why being in nature increases your sense of health and happiness, nature has enormous power. A walk during lunch of only 15 minutes will improve your productivity and relaxation. Walking during meetings will have better results.

Would you like even more background information? Ferris Jaber clarifies how walking, thinking and writing are linked together. And of course, I don’t need to point out that thinking and writing are a PhD student’s most important tasks.

And finally, walking increases your resilience and decreases stress.

Have a go and start walking every day!


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