about you Perfectionism is an illusion and blocks progress. By just taking action you will achieve more.

Perfect is the enemy of good

You have been busy writing an article for weeks now. Every time you change a sentence to make it even better. Then you read another article, checking if you can use it for your text. You are questioning yourself if your text will be good enough to send to your…

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about you How to survive a 'screen day'

How to survive a ‘screen day’?

You are sitting the whole day behind a screen, maybe with headphones or earphones. Do you have the feeling that you are extremely busy? That you are constantly moving from one online meeting to the other? That your list is endless? And are you completely exhausted at the end of…

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about you Trying to do everything perfect is great but has its downfalls.

Are you a perfectionist?

Setting the bar high is great. To make sure you are doing everything as well as possible is a great quality to have. Perfectionism can be beneficial. Only if you are capable of letting go of the expectation. If you would always strive for perfection, which means that nothing should…

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