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Two very useful books

Sometimes you come across very useful books. That recently happened to me with two books by Jacques Raubenheimer. Books specifically for PhD students,  about a subject you do not expect a book to cover it – at least, I did not expect is. One is about Microsoft Word, and one about Mendeley.…

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How to write a good abstract?

There are different types of abstracts, those for articles, and those for papers for a conference, congress or symposium The abstract for a paper has some additional requirements in relation to the requirements for abstracts for articles. Let me explain . But first, what is an abstract? An abstract is…

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about you

The importance of doing nothing

PhD students are busy. Always, basically. And if you are not actually doing something, then this whole PhD thing is still in your head. 24/7. Always the feeling that you need to do useful stuff, because, if you are not doing anything useful, what are you doing? The guilt. And…

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Get your focus back in your PhD in one hour

One of my  colleagues, entrepreneur Nicola Bird, wrote these 5 simple steps that help you to get your focus back. And although it was written for people with a business, it is equally important ánd applicable for PhD students. I have found out that there are a lot of similarities between…

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