Celebrate your successes!

Success is explored in many ways. The internet is overflowing with quotes on success.         The theme in all these quotes is that success has to be earned. And because you work so hard for it, you will continue working and don’t really reflect on the successes…

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Are you a workaholic?

Many PhD students don’t work, they overwork. Because they have the idea that working more is better, they work so long and hard that they don’t work effectively anymore. And  ‘overworking’ kills creativity and you really need creativity. Imagine this: everybody is like a fishing pond full of creative ideas.…

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planning The way to plan, tips to make planning easier.

The way to plan!

It is hard for many PhD students to make a good planning.  I would like to give you some tips to help you. 1.        Never plan more than 80% of your time The rest of the time will be filled with unexpected events and normal things in life; a colleague…

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