literature How to find the right literature?

How to find the right literature

I am asked this question many times: how to find the right literature? It is not easy to track down exactly the appropriate literature in the enormous amount of books and articles available. The answer… The short answer is: know how to search! And how do you search? Ask the…

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about you

Be aware of what you are doing PhD student!

The hour draws near that you have to meet deadlines, holidays are looming, your paper has to be submitted, your presentation will be the day after tomorrow….. the pressure and the stress are building up..…before you know it you are running around like a headless chicken. Once this happens you…

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I lost my motivation!

You are not the only PhD student who suffers from a loss of motivation from time to time. Rather: it would be very unusual if you didn’t. A project of four years will undoubtedly have moments where things don’t go that smooth as you imagine. If you want to be…

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